About the MozTorrent Project

The goal of the MozTorrent Project is to create a powerful but simple interface to BitTorrent downloads. To meet this goal are producing two products depending upon a users needs:

MozTorrent Plugin

The MozTorrent plugin will be a small and simple add-on for Mozilla Firefox (and later the Mozilla Suite as well) to seamlessly handle BitTorrent downloads. The ultimate goal is to make it as easy to download torrents as downloading from the web in Mozilla. MozTorrent will be configured through the preferences window and downloads will be shown and controlled through the download manager.


Watermonkey will be a stand alone application (similar to Firefox and Thunderbird) for handling torrents. While the MozTorrent Plugin will provide functionality needed for most users, Watermonkey will provide a more detailed GUI and greater flexibility for power users.

Project Status

Planning Development Alpha Beta Mature
MozTorrent Firefox Plugin
MozTorrent Mozilla Plugin

The moztorrent project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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